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Pilots - Introduction


Pilots play the major role in virtual aviation as this is the biggest group in community and that is for whom all the work is done.

How to start? / The Basics

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Step 1

Firstly, you need to register on VATSIM network. Just follow our link here. We will bring you right to the registration form, where you just need to put some information about yourself. Please fill in all the fields with true information and choose “Africa / Middle East” as your region and then “Middle East (VATME)” as your division. As long as Iran is a member of a VATME division in VATSIM, to become a pilot here in Iran, your VATSIM account should have the following settings:

  • Region - Africa / Middle East
  • Division - Middle East (VATME)
  • Home vACC (Iran)

For changing your vACC to Iran, you should login to VATME Division website here using your VATSIM ID and password.

Step 2

Get yourself a flight simulation software. Nowadays there are a plenty of different kinds of simulator – Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane. Which one you are going to use is up to you. Unfortunately, for this step you have to complete it by yourself. Just arrange your own copy of the flight sim software and install it.

Step 3

Download and install Vatsim client software. Every version of software meant to be used with the proper version of simulator, so we provide you a few choices. Pick the one according to the simulator you are using:

vPilot (integrated with Audio for VATSIM) xPilot (integrated with Audio for VATSIM)
swift (integrated with Audio for VATSIM) swift (integrated with Audio for VATSIM)
SquawkBox (1) (2) XSquawkBox (integrated with Audio for VATSIM)
FSInn (1) (2)  


(1) We no longer provide download links for either of SquawkBox and FSInn clients and encourage you to consider using a more modern client if possible.

(2) In order to use the cleint with Audio for VATSIM, you will also need the latest version of the Audio for VATSIM standalone client. Download the file by clicking here.

Step 4

Go to you flight simulator, open your client and adjust the settings: put in your name and callsign, and select one of the VATSIM servers based on your current georaphical location.

Step 5

You are ready now to fly, what is left is to connect to VATSIM network, start your engine and take off!

The Basics of Flying


Know what you are flying

Keep in mind that while flying on-line you should be sure you would not make any mistakes operating the plane. This requires you to study the aircraft you are flying, know its systems and how to control them. So, spend some time learning the manuals for the aircraft of your choice. If the manuals scare you away, you may try to find some tutorial videos on YouTube and try to follow them.

Plan your flight

Before you take off you have to decide where you fly and how you fly there. Air Planes do not fly in a straight line, as any other transport they need route, which includes turning points and airways. As well as you need to choose the altitude, you going to fly, according to the rules. In Iran, all the westbound flights should be performed on even numbered altitude, all the eastbound flights should maintain odd numbered altitude.

Adjust the conditions

As you are flying among other pilots you have to consider how not to cause a conflict. This includes adjusting the weather conditions, for example while choosing the runway - always remember that airplanes taking off with a headwind. Other thing to take into account is that there are many other pilots, and if there are no controller on-line, they cannot be coordinated. For those reasons, pilots report their actions via text chat on Unicom Frequency (122.800 Mhz)

Learn More

Do not lazy around! This "big deal" hobby gives you limitless opportunities - from practicing your English to studying aviation laws and procedures. Always keep learning new things and improving your flying skills. We will help you on this way as long as you wish. And one day this may not only master your ability to flight in the flight simulator, but also may help you in your daily life.