How to become an ATC

How to become an ATC



Controllers are responsible for air traffic control, providing safety and order to the flights. In the network, they are also performing advising functions, helping pilots to solve their problems.

How to start? / The Airspace

How to become an air traffic controller?


Step 1

Firstly, you need to register on VATSIM network. Just follow our link here. We will bring you right to the registration form, where you just need to put some information about yourself. Please fill in all the fields with true information and choose “Africa / Middle East” as your region and then “Middle East (VATME)” as your division.

Step 2

As long as Iran is a member of a VATME division in VATSIM, to become a controller here in Iran, your VATSIM account should have the following settings:
  • Region - Africa / Middle East
  • Division - Middle East (VATME)
  • Home vACC (Iran)

To check your current settings please follow the link here. In case you need to change your settings, you are able to do it on the same page for your Region and Division. For changing your vACC to Iran, you should login to VATME Division website here using your VATSIM ID and password.

Step 3

Everyone has their own workspace; pilots have simulator and controllers have client. For the VATSIM network there are a few clients exists and the most popular of them is EuroScope. We are also using EuroScope to provide our control, so please follow the link and download your copy here.

Step 4

The major difference between pilots and controllers in the network is that you cannot log in as a controller from the very beginning. To provide air traffic control you will need special training and clearance. There are a number of different ATC positions and ratings that corresponds to them. Here is a list of all the ratings and their responsibilities.

Rating ATC Position Responsibility
Student 1 Delivery/Ground Provide clearance for the departing traffic, and controls taxi from stand to the active runway and backwards.
Student 2 Tower Controls airplanes on the runway - allows takeoffs and landings and manage airspace in the aerodrome area.
Student 3 Approach Provides departure and arrival for aircrafts. Controls all the air traffic in the limited airspace.
Controller Center Provides service for the aircrafts following the route and transit aircrafts.
Instructor Training Center Mentor and Examine controllers and hold their exams.

This way the responsibility is getting bigger with higher rating. As a newcomer, you are allowed to get your Student 1 rating after passing required training and exam that allows you to control aircrafts on the ground.

Step 5

Now let's talk about how you are going to get your rating. First of all, you should sign in at our ATC management system here. This will be your main work place where you are going to take mentoring and your training will be followed from here. Go to this section of the website and add your availability, a mentor will call you soon. Also, you can see the list of instructors for OIIX in here. You can contact any of available instructors in case of need. Their contacts are provided there as well.

Step 6

As you already realized, to get your first rating you will have to pass an exam. You will have to answer 20 questions, if you guess 15 or more questions correct, the test is passed. To prepare for the test we provide you a study plan that is also available on the ATC Training Section of this website. It is a list of documents and particular sections that you should be familiar with to pass the test successfully. Be aware that tests are created using only the material listed in the study plan, and the test is fully independent from the instructor, so no one can actually affect your test results. Everything depends only on you and your knowledge. To start the exam an instructor must assign an exam token for you and this requires to complete your training at first, When you were ready, ask your mentor to request an exam token for you, then use the Exam Center of HQ system to complete your theory.

Step 7

When you pass the theory test successfully, your mentor will set an appointment with an examiner for your practical examination. If you succeed, the examiner will prepare your rating change. Usually it takes not more than 7 days to approve your rating. When the procedure is finished, you will receive an email regarding the changes. From this moment on, you are officially an air traffic controller!



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