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2 years ago
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Iran Controller Pack updated to AIRAC 1904

Below are the latest changes during last few updates.

We encourang all of you to download the new installer pack to have all the changes at once.

Remember to update your Euroscope to version 3.2 with latest beta 19.

- [NAVDATA] Applied AIRAC CYCLE 1904
- Major High Airways and Fixes added to Tehran ACC.asr
- Low and High Airways colors are changed
- SID and STAR Colors are changed
- Sector inbound, Exit and Arrival Lists headers are changed
- Departure Sequence (DSQ) added to departure list
- Virtual Controller Assistant Plugin removed. The result is a faster loading of sector file
- vSMR Plugin updated to version 1.4.0
- Discord Euroscope Plugin relocated and activated
- New Sounds

Download Link:
File Name: OIIX Install_Package

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