Audio For VATSIM (AFV) released


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  • Audio For VATSIM (AFV) released
10 months ago
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The long-awaited Audio for VATSIM has just been officially released to all members. Audio for VATSIM vastly improves on the network’s audio codec. The software has been using a low bandwidth audio connection which was decades behind current technologies for many years, delivering poor audio quality and frequent cut-outs. So, the online multiplayer network’s announcement of the new codec last year was celebrated by many and has been highly anticipated ever since.

Many controllers have already connected to the network, along with pilots. So how can you connect? VATSIM has provided a helpful website which details all the steps members need to take in order to connect to the new network. We recommend visiting it for yourself but in short, you can either download a new client to use for your connections (for instance, X-Plane 11 now has a program named XPilot), update your current client, or download the Audio for VATSIM standalone client in order to connect.