February 13, 2021 09:00 - 21:00 / Imam khomeili Airport (OIIE) - Europe

First of all thank you for those who voted Imam Khomeini Int'l Airport (OIIE) as one of the candidate airports for CTL. We appreciate your vote!

Join one of a kind event between the Middle East & Europe in another edition of Cross the Land! This time we are heading westbound towards Europe! Joins us on the 13th of February 9:00z - 21:00z and expect a fun and immersive event between the two continents!

As you may aware there are 5 airports that you are able to fly from IKA as below:

Tehran (OIIE)
Distance 1892 nm Time (est.) 4h 2m
Berlin (EDDB)

Tehran (OIIE)
Distance 2610 nm Time (est.) 5h 28m
Dublin (EIDW)

Tehran (OIIE)
Distance 1695 nm Time (est.) 3h 38m
Riga (EVRA)

Tehran (OIIE)
Distance 2270 nm Time (est.) 4h 47m
Paris (LFPG)

Tehran (OIIE)
Distance 1856 nm Time (est.) 3h 57m
Venice (LIPZ)

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